Good quality should be part of a business from within (systems and internal technical structures) as well as how it is presented to the outside world. I believe, a good quality designed digital presence or applications that are designed with the user in mind, are integrated and interlinked smoothly, are well executed as well as thought through well, can strengthen a brand and optimise a business flow and success significantly. The digital world has a wealth of so much to offer for businesses in terms of technologies, systems and software, powerful tools or applications that can be utilised and applied to grow a business.

My approach is to always understand the whole picture and to offer a systemic thinking, challenge preconceptions, observe, analyse and provide concept-based and goal oriented design solutions. The results are tailored to suit the specific client need and profile and are of high quality standard. While I do observe current design as well as technology trends, I offer a healthy pragmatism. I don’t believe in one size fits all or that every trend has to be followed blindly if it does not benefit the end user, client or business strategy.

With 12+ years of corporate level design consulting experience, I am able to quickly grasp complex themes and industry characteristics while being able to confidently work under pressure or various constraints.

When working I look at the big picture with a comprehensive and integrated way of thinking to solve complex broad reaching problems that require joined-up thinking and solutions as opposed to just parts or individual solutions. My analytical mind combined with creativity provide creative and flexible solutions. The way I work is very structured and efficient, yet flexible while maintaining an eye for detail and aesthetics.

I draw my inspiration from my surroundings with its vast quantity of different cultures and visual impressions. Travelling is one of my favourite source of inspiration and has given me an international outlook, sensibility and open mind. My passion for photography helps me to inform and to sharpen my keen eye for detail.



UX design, UI design, interactive design, digital branding, creative strategy, wireframing, workshops, login area for high security regulated clients, look & feel development


AOK PLUS, Bankhaus Metzler, Bosch Rexroth, Citigroup, Deutsche Börse, DZ BANK, Henkel, Koenig & Bauer, Linde, Lufthansa, Rewe Group, SunExpress, VHV